SGMA Toolbox

The Department of Water Resources and the State Water Resources Control Board are the lead state agencies responsible for developing regulations and reporting requirements necessary to carry out SGMA. DWR sets basin prioritization, basin boundaries, and develops regulations for groundwater sustainability. The Water Board is responsible for fee schedule, data reporting, probationary designations and interim sustainability plans. The Toolbox contains key links from DWR and the Water Board to guide local agencies toward fulfillment of SGMA requirements. The Toolbox also contains educational materials from non-governmental partner agencies for informational purposes.

DWR – Sustainable Groundwater Management Home

 Adjudicated Basins Annual Reporting System

List of Critically Overdrafted Basins
Basin Boundary Modification Request System
GSA Notification Requirements
Groundwater Basin Boundary Assessment Tool
GSA Interactive Map

Water Board – Groundwater Management Home

 Triggering State Intervention
Memorandums of Agreement, Joint Powers Authorities, and Coordination Agreements
Local Participation under SGMA
Water Board Data Sources

SWRCB Spanish Language Resources

 El Impacto de la Sequía en Pozos Privados
 Aviso sobre Fondos Disponibles para Agua Potable Temporal de Emergencia

SGMA Implementation Resources

 Designing Effective Groundwater Sustainability Agencies: Criteria for Evaluation of Local Governance Options

The 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: A Handbook to Understanding and Implementing the Law Updated SGMA Implementation Handbook from California Water Foundation.

Know Your Options: A Guide to Forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies and Appendix A report from the California Water Foundation

Measuring What Matters: Setting Measurable Objectives to Achieve Sustainable Groundwater Management in California (2015, Union of Concerned Scientists)

Collaborating for Success: Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Implementation

Water Education Foundation SGMA: Approach and Options for New Governance (PDF)